ZtrawberrieZ - Liquid Live Pen

Indica Dominant Hybrid

ZtrawberrieZ Liquid Live is a heaving hitting Indica dominant hybrid that is not for the faint of heart. Sweet in taste and aroma with uplifting and euphoric effects followed by a slow onset, full-body high that may leave you couch-locked, great for depression, reducing stress, aches and pains No cut, no distillate, no fake terps, we’re serving 100% ZtrawberrieZ juice!

Generate even bigger clouds with our disposable DNA Genetics vape pens that need no maintenance nor preparation – you can always be ready on the go. Patented ceramic heating elements that are designed to replace conventional wick-based coils that allow for a fuller tastier experience.


  • Genetics: Strawberry Banana x ZkittleZ
  • Terpenes: Sweet, Skittles, Earthy
  • Uses: Depression, Anxiety, Pain, Stress
  • Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric
  • Collaboration with Errl Hill

suggested occasions

Connect & Socialize - Concert, Party & Video Gaming

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