dna genetics pre-rolls

Our Premium DNA Genetics pre-rolls are the ideal companion for ease of use or for those who simply don’t wish to roll their own. Either sold in singular or pre roll multi packs. Our special pre roll tins hold seven perfectly rolled 0.7g joints totalling 4.9g in weight. Each DNA Genetics cone is ideal in size for one person to enjoy a pleasurable smoking experience each and every time. 

  • Discreet & compact
  • Great for instant use
  • Protective sleek packaging


Indica Dominant Hybrid HASH HOLE PRE ROLLS

DNA Genetics has teamed up with Fidels to provide you with premium DNA Genetics & Crockett Family Farms Hash Holes. Fidels handcrafted premium pre-rolls are loaded up with DNA Genetics rosin and flower in two sizes.

2.8g | 1.5g of ZtrawberrieZ Flower w/ 1g | 0.5g of Strawberry Banana rosin, 2.8g | 1.5g of Kosher Dawg Flower w/ 1g | 0.5g of DNA Cake rosin.

24 gold

Indica Dominant Hybrid PRE ROLL

24K Gold is a legendary mix of our award-winning Kosher Kush and Tangie. Expect a strong scent of tangerines alongside the dankness of Kosher Kush. Very resinous flowers with a unique award-winning cup taste and smell.

DNA Cake

Indica Dominant Hybrid PRE ROLL

DNA Cake is an indica dominant hybrid that has a extravagant terpene profile, she is sweet, creamy, gassy with vanilla frosting taste and scent. Every day it’s your birthday with DNA Cake . . . . it’s time to celebrate and indulge!

Kosher Dawg

Indica Dominant Hybrid PRE ROLL

Kosher Dawg is a cross of StarDawg Guava to our multiple award-winning DNA Genetics Kosher Kush. Kosher Dawg comes out swinging with beautiful, resinous green buds with terp’d out flavors. An intense smoke that will hit you into the rafters.

Kosher KUSH

Indica Dominant Hybrid PRE ROLL

Multiple award-winning Kosher Kush, known to be the very first cannabis strain that has been blessed. Expect a rich, earthy aroma renowned for its dank taste. Great for relaxation, pain relief and sleep. Don’t worry it’s all Kosher with DNA!

Lemon OG

SATIVA Dominant Hybrid PRE ROLL

This is the true Lemon OG Kush using the Las Vegas Lemon Skunk cut and crossing that to The OG #18. What resulted is an incredible lemony, gassy taste that will surely be your next DNA classic.


INDICA Dominant Hybrid PRE ROLL

Miss DNA is a combination of two legendary cannabis cup winning champions, Kosher Kush and Strawberry Banana. Expect light, green, heavily coated buds similar to Kosher with the fruity smoothy taste of Strawberry Banana. A true leader in looks and taste, she has it all!


INDICA Dominant Hybrid PRE ROLL

The Recon Kush is a robust Indica dominant hybrid that provides an effective way to kick back and unwind. Recon’s sedative effects are said to last longer than average, offering a relaxing and medicinal high. Recon Kush is a great strain to unwind after a busy day.


INDICA Dominant Hybrid PRE ROLL

An indica leading hybrid with a unique blend of our award-winning Sour Secret x Strawberry Banana. offering a highly potent, fast intense high. Diamond coated trich’d out buds. Expect to spend your entire afternoon couch locked in delightful bliss with Strawberry Secret.


INDICA Dominant Hybrid PRE ROLL

ZtrawberrieZ is a heaving hitting Indica dominant hybrid is not for the faint of heart. Sweet in taste and aroma with uplifting and euphoric effects followed by a slow onset, full-body high that may leave you couch-locked, great for depression, reducing stress, aches and pains.