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HIghtimes Cannabis Cup Norcal 2021

Hightimes Norcal 2021 x DNA Genetics

Hightimes is back with their annual Hightimes Cannabis cup in Norcal. Check out the latest video below showcasing all the winners from the event over the past weekend. We are happy to announce that our collab with CritiCal Concentrates w/ DNA Genetics ZtrawberrieZ live rosin took third place! Thanks to the entire team behind this awesome collaboration!

DNA Genetics ZtrawberrieZ



1st Place – UNHOLY Piña Acai Live Rosin

HolyWater x Grandiflora x Oakfruitland

2nd Place – Garlic Cookies Solventless Cold Cure 90

Jetty Extracts

3rd Place – ZtrawberrieZ Live Rosin

CritiCal x DNA Genetics


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