DNA Genetics Sponsors Boxer Seniesa “SuperBad” Estrada

DNA Genetics has recently contracted to sponsor a boxer named Seniesa “SuperBad” Estrada.

Her most recent fight took place last Saturday, November 2nd in Las Vegas, NV.

Seniesa “SuperBad” Estrada came out victorious in the match.

She maintains her undefeated record and wins the WBA Interim Women’s Flyweight Title. A native of East L.A., Seniesa rose above adversity and gender to become an inspirational force force to be reckoned. The 26-year old trains in Alhambra and is the Light Flyweight Champion of the United States. But as a little girl, Seniesa was told that girls can’t box. So she determinedly fought to prove the naysayers wrong and succeed in the ring.

Without any females in the sport to model herself after, Seniesa had to train with and take on the boys at the gym — and she beat them, one after another. Today, as one of America’s top female boxers, she’s one of the first women to sign a prestigious professional contract with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions and is the first woman to participate in LA Fight Club.

A short recap of the very exciting fight:

A women’s title grudge between heated rivals produced nine rounds of sustained action and one of the gnarliest cuts in recent history.
Seniesa Estrada (18-0, 7 KOs) took home a unanimous technical decision on Saturday after referee Robert Byrd ruled Marlen Esparza (7-1, 1 KO) was unable to come out for the 10th and final round due to a nasty cut on her forehead that was caused by an accidental head butt.
All three judges scored the fight for Estrada (90-81, 89-82, 88-83), a native of East Los Angeles, who captured the vacant interim WBA women’s flyweight title. She had added extra heat to this matchup by pushing Esparza during Tuesday’s grand arrival.


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