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DNA Genetics and Crockett Family Farms

DNA Genetics Moves To Consolidate Top California Cannabis Brands, Expanding Their Library of Best-In-Class Cultivars’

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OG DNA Genetics (“DNA Genetics” or the “Company”), a globally recognized leading cannabis brand, announced today that it has officially acquired Crockett Family Farms and the rights to their brand and entire line-up of award-winning cannabis genetics.

DNA’s acquisition of Crockett Family Farms represents a joining of premier California cannabis genetics brands which will be integrated into a highly successful global licensing platform. As part of the agreement, DNA will bring on Dave Suderman (Crockett) as its Vice President of Cannabis Operations. Crockett Family Farms has been a long-time partner of DNA Genetics working collaboratively to develop unique varieties renowned for their taste, smell, and popularity.

“DNA is excited to formally welcome Crockett Family Farms into the ‘DNA Army’. As we transition into the future of legal cannabis, it’s important to identify not only the successful brands but the breeders and growers whose work has been a foundation for so much of the industry’s success, Crockett Family Farms has been a staple in California cannabis, and we’re thrilled to officially bring us together, solidifying their role in the Company and enhancing our combined position in the marketplace.”  

Don Morris, Co-Owner DNA Genetics

“After more than 20 years in the industry, I can’t think of a better move at a better time for Crockett Family Farms.  The most exciting part is thinking about the possibilities with the availability of the highest quality products on a global scale,” . “We’re privileged and honored to close ranks with DNA and bring the best of California to the rest of the country and the world.”  

Dave Crockett, Crockett Family Farms

About Crockett Family Farms: 

Crockett Family Farms is a 3rd generation family run farm with decades of cannabis experience. They are renowned growers, regarded as some of the top greenhouse cultivators in the world, acquiring over 20 awards.  Perhaps best Known for their flagship strain the “Tangie,” and more recently Strawberry Banana, Crockett Family Farms has gained a reputation for growing aromatic and flavorful varieties that make exceptional concentrates and have become a favorite of growers and hash makers worldwide. For more information, please visit

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About OG DNA Genetics Inc.

DNA Genetics was rooted in Los Angeles and founded in Amsterdam in 2004 by Don Morris and Aaron Yarkoni. Over the last decade, the Company has built and curated a seasoned genetic library and developed proven standard operating procedures for genetic selection, breeding, and cultivation. In a world that is increasingly opening up to commercial cannabis activity, DNA is positioned to become the first, truly geographically-diversified company with multiple partnerships with top-licensed producers and brands that have built their companies and global presence utilizing the “Powered by DNA” model.


Kate Pasterkiewicz ( – Global Corporate Development Associate for DNA Genetics
Rezwan Khan ( – President for DNA Genetics